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Language Arts Page

Language Arts has many different components. It covers spelling, grammar, writing, reading, ananlysis, comprehension, listening skills, note taking skills and so on.

The Writing Process


The is the stage of writing in which you decide on your topic or gather information for your topic. You will consider who will be reading the paper during this stage so you can figure out the best way to organize it. You will use some strategy to organize your ideas such as Outlining, Venn Diagrams,charting, or another method which works well for you.

First Draft

During this stage you will write your paper. Don't worry about mistakes just get the ideas on paper in an organized manner.


During this step you will re-read your first draft making changes to content. You will change text, add text, move text, and delete text. Text is the written word. Content is what the written word says. You will not be worrying about grammar and spelling at this time.


At this stage you simple rewrite you paper including the changes made during the editing process.

Proof Reading

It is at this stage you will check you rewrite for spelling and grammar errors.

Final Draft

Rewrite your paper including corrections to grammar and spelling discovered in the proof reading process. Often it is a good idea to have someone else Proof Read your work before rewriting. Often we don't see mistakes right in front of our face.


This can be turning your essay in to be graded. Displaying your work, creation of a book, internet publishing, or any other means by which others read your paper.

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Writing well is an essential skill in life. You will use it to pass tests to graduate, pass the GED, enter college, and to get a job.