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Constitution Exercise

What are the qualifications to run for the President of the US?

What are the two bodies that make up Congress?

What is a Presidential Veto?

Who makes the laws?
How many Senators does each State have?
How is the number of delegates each state has in the House of Representatives decided?
What is impeachment?
What acts are considered impeachable offenses?
Who presides as judge in an impeachment trial?
Who acts as the jury during an impeachment trial?
When voting finally takes place at the end of the impeachment trial, how many votes must there be against the President to oust him?
What group test the Constitutionality of laws and bills?
What branch of the US government does the President represent?
How long is the term of office for a Supreme Court Justice?
What's the term of office for a US senator?
How often are members of the house of representatives elected?
Do all members come up for re-election at the same time?
What branch of the US government controls the purse strings?
How does a bill become a law?
What is the term of office for the Presidency?