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Notes for Teachers
The Constitution exercise listed is a really great one.  It is presented here so students can do it on their own.  I use this as an absolute introduction to the US Constitution.  Here's how it works.  You make up question cards.   You may want to make two sets if you have a particularly large class.  Students are paired off.  Each pair is given two answer sheets and two copies of the Constitution.  Give each pair a question card.  Tell students they must answer in complete sentences, record the article and section in which the answer is found and show you or your aid if you have one, their correct answer before the next question can be picked up.
     You may assess student performance by mingling the room and making sure all students are actively participating.  This exercise serves to familiarize students with the structure of the US Constitution as a document and the structure of the US government as outlined in the context of the Constitution.