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Writing Project
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creating the book

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Overview-Students will use clipart to create a storybook for younger students to read.   The book will target grades K-2.  

Tecnology components include using clipart, inserting html to give proper credit, printing pages,and word processing.

contact paper
Examples of K-2 Reading Material

Students are to create an illustrated book.  

Before you begin...
Review or teach students how to adjust font size and color

Talk to students about illustrations and perhaps the Cladecott
 award for superior illustrations in children's books.  

Teach or review the components of a story.  

Have students cut and paste the images they wish to use onto a word document.  In case you don't know, students will right click on images and pick "save-as".  The images should be saved to a file you've created prior to the project entitled anything you like.  Students should save their images under their name.
Print these images  
Have students freewrite a story using the images as sparks to their imagination
Have students read their freewrite and organize their story.
Next students should edit their story.  They need to make sure the reading level is appropriate for K-2.
Students will then rewrite their story including the changes made in the editing process
Students should get an ok from teacher and go over to the computer and type their story.(make sure studentss do this so the words may be cut out.)
Creating the book